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The History of Colville Tribal Credit

Colville Tribal Credit was established in 1959.  The Tribe allocated start up funds from its trust income. The original program provided loans to  tribal members and was administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In 1979, the credit program was transferred to the Tribe and became a  tribally operated program under the jurisdiction of the Colville  Business Councilís finance committee.

In April 1986, management oversight was transferred to Colville Tribal Enterprise Corporation, the business arm of the Tribe. On January 1,  2008, Tribal Credit became a tribal corporation, governed by its own Board of Directors.

Tribal Credit is a financial corporation of the Colville Tribe; it is not a  bank or credit union.  This structure allows our business to operate without being regulated by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency or other outside regulators.

Tribal Credit€ôs operating policies are totally governed by resolutions enacted by our Board of Directors.  This structure offers advantages to our  operation, mainly the opportunity to determine our own regulations without intervention from outside governments, which allows us to meet the needs of our tribal community.

The Board of Directors consists of the following:

  • General Manager of Tribal Credit
  • Comptroller of the Tribe
  • Tribal Member Representative, appointed by the Colville Business Council
  • Tribal Member Representative, appointed by the Colville Business Council
  • Financial Representative, appointed by the Colville Business Council

Our Mission

Colville Tribal Credit Corporation is a tribally owned, self-sustaining, sovereign tribal corporation whose purpose is to provide loans to tribal members and tribal member-owned businesses.

Tribal Credit, through its loan program, strives to enhance the quality of life of tribal members by supplying loan funds for personal use, housing purchase and improvement, land purchase and business opportunities.

Tribal Credit offers check cashing to promote access to cash at the local level.

Tribal Credit offers employment opportunities to tribal members and encourages career advancement through education and training.

Tribal Credit strives to communicate effectively with tribal members and co-workers and conducts our business with integrity while providing the highest quality of customer service.

Tribal Credit, while meeting our objectives to provide interest rates at below market levels, continues to operate its business at the highest level of profitability in a portfolio of higher than normal risk loans.

Overall, Tribal Credit provides long-term economic stability and growth in our communities by providing financial services to qualified tribal members, resulting in a higher quality of life while preserving the cultures,  traditions and natural resources of the Colville Confederated Tribes.




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